Anyone can meditate. It is a matter of learning to relax your focus on the present moment, for it is in that moment that we open space to access to our inner being, which is always receptive and joyous.

The mind tends to wander to the past & future,so the idea is to practice being here now. That can be done when walking, gardening, painting, dancing, even doing the dishes can be a meditation.

 Focusing on the physical body is always a good place to start, so I always start with slow deep breaths, which draws your focus inward, flowing your life force energy through your entire body.

Deep breathing elicits the relaxation response, so that practice alone could be your entire meditative process. To get you started, try the meditation below which I wrote at the request of one of my students who said she only had five minutes a day to meditate. I recommend you say it outloud to yourself every day.

 After each statement, take a least one deep breath before moving on. Don't skip this, as that is the part that opens the space for the magic to happen. This meditation actually morphed into a song one day, all by itself it seemed, and became the song Yes I AM on OM GAIA.

So, the purpose of meditation then is to stop the exhaustion of constantly DOING and consider just BEING for a moment or two, for it is in that moment that all of our unrealized potential awaits us.


Intentional Meditation for Health



I AM ME, the pure essence of being and the spark of creation

 in a continuous flow of ease and joy




I AM in Radiant Health




I allow my thoughts, emotions

and belief systems to adjust

 to manifest a body free of dis-ease now




An innate vein of personal joy & love

that I willingly accept

and richly deserve




In this moment


As I rest my worries      Recall my dreams


And relax into the vibration of my pure life force energy, calling each healthy cell to entrain the cells around it to come into alignment





Copyright 2009  Terri Liles Mason






If you do nothing else, these three words will take you far.

Relaxing actually puts you right in the center of your expansion

Focusing on trust allows your next step to reveal itself to you

Deep conscious breath is the energetic movement of creation

Three magical words to help you remember the powerful creators that you are!





Sat Nam

You are the living truth of creation. Own it, be it, now.

Om mani padme hum

Use this mantra to open the heart space to vibrate love for the expression of all that is.

Jai Govinda, Jai Gopala

Use this mantra to call love to you in its most playful form. AS adults, it is healing for us to remember to play!

 Om Namo Shivaya

 Kali Ma, Shivaya

 I name these god & goddess energies to clear limiting obstacles in my life



I receive with ease

For many of us, giving is considered  more spiritual than receiving in our idea of heart.

This often leaves us empty, exhausted, and victimized.

The heart, however is as eager to give to SELF as it its to give to others. This mantra helps to shift the polarity and expands our idea of heart. 


Soon Enough

I have been hearing this guidance all month to remind me to stay in the moment and enjoy the journey. A good mantra if you are prone to focus on some future goal that you feel you have not attained. All intentions will manifest if you simply trust that they will and give them the space to do so.

I AM me here now

repeat this throughout the day to bring you into the moment & center your being