Opening the Flow of Ease and Joy

Greetings friends!

It seems that 2016 has become a wild ride for most of us. The energy shifts are non-stop, speeding up manifestation exponentially. Which is exciting, as well as overwheming as our old patterns are showing up relentlessly for us to see them and shift them. Easier said than done in many cases.

Fortunately, help is on its way! Through the exact same manifestation process I just described, I was invited to write a new version of my 21 Day Ease and Joy program for the Daily Om, which is a well known and respected meditation website.

After three months of re-writing, I am delighted to announce that my new online course, Opening the Flow of Ease and Joy is available NOW on the Daily Om.

The new course is enhanced with beautiful guided meditations set to the music of Om Gaia, which supports the FLOW of creation. Creating with the FLOW is very different than the linear process we are all familiar with. So while the flow makes things much easier, it also takes some getting used to, which is what the course is all about. 

Click here for an overview

It has always been my desire to reach as many people as possible with my message, and the Daily Om, with close to one million subscribers is making that particular dream of mine come true.

What I also like about the Daily Om is that they offer a "choose your own payment plan" with the price of the whole course starting at $10!

And, once you have it, you get to keep it and re-visit the lessons and meditations you like best whenever you choose. The course also includes  a discussion group for all participants which I will be monitoring and offering feedback on. So its an awesome program.  

Click here to order

Until next time,

Breath deep, stay well and see you at the Daily Om!




2016 is Happening!

Hello, hello, hello, fellow journeyers and kindred spirits!

Like most of us, I have spent much of 2015 in shock with the debilitating events that now happen in our world daily.  How can we process any of it?


I feel fortunate that I have had such intensive spiritual and personal growth training. Without it, I think I would feel hopeless.  As you might guess I have a very interesting and diverse group of friends, and I follow their individual journeys.  I have come to feel that while we are each on our own path, which are seemingly very different, as we continuously cross paths we will eventually find ourselves in the same place.  And what place is that?


To answer that question, I will share what messages are up for me in 2016, as I am getting them fast and furiously.


First of all, 2016 is a 9 year. I have no idea how or why  numerology seems to be spot on with what is up with me and in the world, but is always is. Nine is a year of completion. It is a triple trinity and brings with it that power and a certain sense of urgency.  So, what is it I am trying to complete?


Apparently, it is time for me to take a leap of faith and complete the letting go process of any and all thought patterns, feelings and old stories of me and my past that no longer serve me.

What I am letting go of is probably thousands of years of conditioning that has been hard wired into my brain. What I am letting go of is judgement of myself, and the world, as it is accomplishing nothing other than to keep me distracted and repeating the same things over and over. On this front, I have the awareness when this is happening, and I all I really need to practice is stopping it in the moment, and letting it go in peace.  


The other message I am getting on every front is to embrace the unknown One of my mantras is that all potential is held in the unknown.  While I have experienced this many times, sitting in the space of an unknown future often makes us uneasy. So I have quite a bit of consciously practicing being in and with the unknown in the year ahead.


Obviously, letting go is a big part of opening the space for allowing new unknown potentials to flow in. And that excites me enough to make the extra effort I am asking myself to make.


So to answer the first question of “Where is the place we will all come together?"


The answer is the unknown.  Meaning to me, our paths as creator beings will continue to flow in and out of each other’s space as we flow together to create a world of our dreams.
The unknown is never more than a breath away.  So give yourself time to dream my friends, even if it’s just a few moments a day and I promise you, I will meet you there.


So here we are and here we go with 2016.  If any of this resonates with you and you are moved to explore your own journey further, I am still offering personal coaching, as it continues to be one of my favorite ways to contribute to the world. If you are interested simply contact me and we will discuss how to make that can work for you.


For now, I wish you many blessings and much courage in the coming year to you and yours.


Om Gaia Forever...


Apparently, Om Gaia's mission is far from over. So due to a great outpouring of support from many, I have decided to keep my site up and running.

Nothing, really could make me much happier.  I am still offering personal coaching sessions .As I mentioned before, I only have linited  numbers of  the Om Gaia CD left, so if you are a CD fan, you may want to order now. And I will personally autograph every order that goes out!

Otherwise, downloads will continue to be available at

If you are new to Om Gaia, take your time to explore the site. My seven year journey with Om Gaia is full of interesting experiences and yes, even some nuggets of wisdom gained along the way.

If you are already a member of  my tribe, perhaps you want to explore going even deeper. If so, contact me for a free consultation and we will take it from there.

Thats it for now. I am delighted to know that the music of Om Gaia will continue to move through the world, sending her love and  healing to all she touches.

Om Gaia    Om Shanti   Peace

Now and forever

My love to you and yours,


A Message from Om Gaia

I launched this site in 2009 to announce and celebrate the release of my CD Om Gaia. Over the years it became much more than that. Many of you participated in concerts, workshops, meditation groups, online, and with me personally over the years.  I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the opportunity to connect with each and every one of you.  

Particularly heartwarming is how many people Om Gaia has touched.  Last I checked, there were people from over 50 countries regularly visiting my site. Along with the U.S., countries include the Ukraine (#1 in September!), The Russian Federation, China, Brazil, India, Morocco, Poland, Portugal, Colombia, Sweden, Denmark, Australia and even the Republic of Serbia!  One of my favorite reviews called Om Gaia, “A celebration of Mother Earth and all who inhabit it.” Clearly, that is the case.

As an emissary of the Earth, a large piece of my passion with this project was to remind the world of the gifts that Gaia has bestowed upon us, the children of the Earth, through her vast and loving feminine essence. Endowed with that same essence, we are her stewards, charged with spreading her love and the importance of our planet to each other and the Universe.  On that count, I feel we have made great strides.  

The songs of Om Gaia are simply part of my being now.  With the simple act of allowing my voice to come out of hiding, I have healed myself on many levels. If I have encouraged even a single one of you to find the courage to express your own voice, then I have accomplished much.

Also, just so you know, the music of Om Gaia is always available for download on CD Baby.

Out of the 3000 CDs I cut, I only have one box of 100 left.  If you want one, they can be ordered directly from this site.

And for those of you who keep asking, “Will you make another CD?”  The answer is I have no idea. I love to sing and write songs.  I can tell you that I am continuously inspired, I sing every day at home and often sing with friends at their events,  and for now that is enough.  After devoting seven very full and exciting years to Om Gaia, perhaps I will relax a bit and see where that beautiful flow takes me next.

And so, here we are.


If you are not currently on my email list, be sure to join so that you can receive with ease any announcements or messages I may be inspired to bring forward in 2015.  

So, my Beautiful Beings, as the song says, “As one journey ends, another begins, and it’s a journey of joy, surrounded by friends.”

I wish you all the abundant blessings of Gaia.

Om Gaia, Om Shanti, Peace

Terri, of the Glorious Planet Earth

Om Gaia Mentorship programs

With 12 years and over 2000 hours of training in esoteric studies, I have been  guided  to offer mentorship programs over the past year to personally guide those who are ready to take a quantum leap in consciousness. 

The Om Gaia Mentorship programs are  a great success. Those who participate astonish me with how quickly they grasp the material and apply it to their lives. Very rewarding! 

So I am expanding my programs to include this new one.

The Components of Love

Love is the fabric of the Universe. If that is the case, then why do we so rarely feel it?  Join me as we explore  what love really is and learn how to clearly see how we hide the vast love that is always available to us   from ourselves. This is probably the single most LOVING gift you could give yourself. And it couldn't be easier.

AND I will continue to offer my other programs below. These can be taken in any order. Simply read through them and see what calls to you. And be ready for a shift in perspective that will help you see your life in a new easier and more joyful light.

Receive With Ease: Empowering the  Feminine Spirit with Passion, Prosperity and Peace

Embracing these gifts and integrating them into your daily life can have a huge effect of the ease with which your life unfolds. This is an investment in yourself that returns to you ten-fold in its soothing qualities!

Detox Your Mind, Detox Your Life

We are aware of the benefits of detoxing the body, but less so when it comes to detoxing our thoughts. Toxic thoughts are debilitating and affect every area of our lives. I have specific practices to target these thoughts and shift them to draw new and exciting things into your life.

Important Work!

To find out more about the program, just email me or simply click on the  events page.

  Om Gaia Live in Concert at OMEGA!

On June 23, I was honored to appear at Omega with Om Gaia Live in Concert.   If you don't know Omega, it is the largest Adult Holistic  Learning Center in the U.S.

It is dear to my heart  as it was at Omega six years ago that I emerged from  their ecstatic chant weekend spontaneously singing and writing song after  song, which lead to my first CD,  Om Gaia being released in 2009.  So to be invited to share that music with the Omega community is a fulfillment of a dream for me.


It's 2013! And the energies are ripe my friends for vibrating ease & joy!  With overwhelmingly positive feedback from my last on-line program  21 Days to Ease & Joy, I  would say it was a great success.  In  about 3 minutes per day, you can start manifesting more  ease & joy in your life TODAY with this daily email support program that includes personal coaching from me!   Just sign up on the store page.

Consider this a gift to yourself as well as to a world who could use a little more joy these days.                                                              

Fire the Grid!

This fall, humanity is  experiencing a Cosmic Event known  as the 11:11:11 . From the Fall Equinox on September 23, until November 11, a great wave of cosmic love will embrace our  planet, ushering in the final stage of wholeness of our journey as the Earth & her children begin to feel our connection to the  ONE pulsating Universe we have long felt separated from.

My friends, the  Age of Aquarius has arrived and so have we.

On 11:11:11,  I will be leading a Fire the Grid  meditation in CT connecting us with millions of people around the world to celebrate this long awaited event. On that day, the energetic grid of connection we have been building will be complete and  we will be firing the grid with our grandest intentions for the future of  the Earth.


It was a beautiful spring evening recently as I found myself   performing at the incredible Kripalu Yoga Center.

The sacred space of the Main Hall was glorious, the audience full of like-minded souls and the staff superb. As a new artist, this is the ultimate honor, and a dream fulfilled. 

"A celebration of Mother Earth and all who inhabit it". Reviewer Kathy Parsons comment manifests again & again. 
The  continued unfolding of the unknown potential that Om Gaia vibrates continues to amaze me,and I am blessed.

The Healing Journey of OM Gaia

Recently, I got an email describing the healing journey Om Gaia has taken Debbie Connery of Washington State on. When I receive such heartelt messages from my listeners, I am reminded of why I have devoted the last three years of my life spreading the music & message of Om Gaia. 

 I have never thought of myself as a healer, purposely shying away from that title. But I have come to believe that healing is just a matter of "releasing the pain from the very start" in the words of Om Gaia. And as we allow ourselves to do that, we finally feel the love that is always there just waiting for us to remember it. And  in that moment we are healed.

So in that way, we are all healers with the ability to heal ourselves.

So thank you Debbie and the many others who have sent  me such beautiful messages  to remind me that sometimes we just need a little support to shift our whole perspective of life.  We never know just when  or in what form that  reminder will come, but come it will.

And  if Om Gaia does that for even one person, its reason for being is fulfilled.

So I wish you Om Gaia, Om Shanti,  & PEACE to you  & yours in 2011, another pivotal year on our beloved planet Earth. As the Winter Mother heals the Earth, may she bring you  love & healing as well.

Love to each of you,


Om Gaia International Top Ten!

Last week I was surprised once again by yet another accolade for Om Gaia when I received the following email:

"The International Association of Independent Recording Artists, IAIRA, recognizes and honors artistic achievement, technical proficiency, and overall excellence in sound recording by monitoring chart activity as published in various reporting charts from around the world. According to our research, on 07/28/0010 the above referenced release; Om Gaia, by Terri Liles Mason, has attained The Number 2 Position on charts monitored and verified by IAIRA. On the basis of that research, IAIRA has qualified the aforementioned release as eligible for Certification as an International 'Top 10'.

On behalf of the entire IAIRA staff and the Recording Arts Community at large, please accept our most sincere Congratulations and Best Wishes for your continued success! "


IAIRA Research Team

Heartfelt thanks to this organization and to all the radio stations who have been playing  Om Gaia & to the fans.

I am filled with gratitude  & utter joy for the entire experience of creating Om Gaia &  for all the reception that has come to me as it has journeyed around the world. I read & respond to everyone who writes me & I continue to be amazed at delighted at the response.

Thank you Thank you Thank you  to everyone!

Om Gaia nominated for Best Vocal Album and Best Relaxation/Meditation Album 
Terri nominated for Best New Artist !

Things were abuzz at the Mason household as  Zone Music Reporter announced their  Best Music nominations as reported by their worldwide broadcasters.

To my great excitement, Om Gaia received three nominations. With over 2000 recordings reported in 2009, I was both thrilled & honored to be in the company of so many talented and seasoned musicians.

So it has been quite an unexpected journey with Om Gaia this year, full of experiences I could not have imagined. So I thank each one of you who has taken the journey with me and supported me along the way!

As I write this, I sit in quiet anticipation of what is now and what will unfold next. I am sure Gaia will continue to surprise & delight us!

Om Gaia Featured CD in UK

If you haven't checked out My Spirit Radio it is a wonderful site and Om Gaia is their featured recording for May. Thanks & kudos to Adam Fronteras for his awesome site. 


 The Music of Om Gaia featured on

Radio Host Sharon Riegie Maynard , the Host of Weaving the World on called a few weeks ago to interview me about Om Gaia and how the music encourages women to find their own voice. I was only too happy to speak to her and the interview went up today!


Both Sharon's site &  Women's offer a wealth of compelling information that you will enjoy exploring!  And thank you Sharon for sending Om Gaia out to touch the lives of women everywhere. Visit her at


Om Gaia presented to the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers in NYC

 On December 13, I was invited to present Om Gaia to the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers at Jivamukti Yoga in NYC. These women are from 13 tribes around the world who had a shared vision to travel the world together & share the Earth wisdom of their tribes. They have been everywhere from Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Bali and with the Dalai Llama this past year and have many more stops to make.

As everyone gathered, Om Gaia was playing throughout the building. My heart was just bursting with joy to share my music with so many people! After they spoke I was able to present Om Gaia to each of them , hold their hand & thank them for their gift with mine. Truly a magical evening as I was able to feel my native American lineage so strongly in their presence.


Om Gaia skyrockets to #4 on the World Radio Top 100 Chart!

Our big news is that  Om Gaia is  now playing on  over 130 radio stations around the world, sending its magical vibes through the ethers to audiences in the U.S. Italy, Spain, Holland, Australia, The U.K., Belarus, Romania, and Maui, and Canada, with new stations signing on everyday.

AND New Age Reporter has ranked Om Gaia #4 on their Top 100 New Age World Radio Chart for two months in a row! 

It is my dream to have the world chanting Om Gaia, so a big thank you to the radio hosts who are supporting my dream. I am simply honored.


This review surprised me on the internet from 's John Olson, out of Toronto,who posted this on his blog:

 " Om Gaia celebrates Mother Earth by inspiring, thought filled lyrics, announced to all by the beautifully deep and rich blending of Terri's soft & sensual vocals, instilling thoughts of an ancient realm that transforms onto the present. This female New Age artist has accomplished much in bringing positive vibes into this vibrant musical journey she has just offered the world. I expect we will hear more from Terri."

Thanks, John. I certainly hope you will hear more from me!  is a terrific site for both new age musicians and artists. Check it out!

This review from Kathy Parsons. Kathy is rated as one of the top musical reviewers in the world.

"Om Gaia's ten tracks are all vocals with rhythmic, trance-like instrumental accompaniment that has a mildly exotic flavor. Mason's voice is hypnotic and earthy as she honors the magic of the sacred feminine.

 "Elixir of Love" (track seven) celebrates the divine union of Gaia and her long-separated masculine self.  A slow and sensual love song, this is one of my favorites. I also really like "Begin Again," which lovingly urges us to move forward into our unknown potential, remembering what brings us joy. Gentle and playful, it's a warm invitation. "Beautiful Beings" concludes the journey with joy, hope, and encouragement set to a catchy melody.

 Overall, "Om Gaia" is a very upbeat and spiritual musical experience that celebrates Mother Earth and all who inhabit it.

Kathy Parsons, Mainly 

A new Goddess Message called Dancing through Change  Click Goddess Messages

A New Intentional Meditation for Health  - excellent if you are experiencing challenging health situations, not uncommon in the new quickening energies - Click OM Terri/ Meditations 

 It's been an expansive time  for for Om Gaia Music. So take a moment to explore my new offerings & let me hear from you!

 A thousand Gaian blessings to you & yours,


 Om Gaia Debuts at Earth Day 

 Om Gaia began her sojourn around the world on April 25 at Earth Day NY where I was invited to debut Om Gaia.

It was a beautiful day in the city as my dear friends and back up singers Sue Cadwell,  Andrea Wappler and myself stood before the Earth Day stage. I think we were all a little awe-struck with what we were about to do. 

 The incredible Manhattan Samba Drum Corp opened the space for us with their trance-inducing drumming, and the next thing we knew the Om Gaia invocation was echoing through the canyons of New York City.  As the sacred words Om Gaia rang out, all my anxiety disappeared as we took the stage. I  soon felt myself ground into Mother Earth, found my voice and with hearts full of joy & amazement, we delivered the gift of Om Gaia to New York. 

As the lyrics to Om Gaia say, "it's easy, so easy, nothing to fear!" That was so true as all three of us breezed through the performance and had a blast doing it! 

 What is an Om Gaia world? 

It's one wh





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